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An Interview with Diana Cooper

Popular angel author, teacher and healer Diana Cooper took some time out of her busy schedule to take part in an email interview with Exclus1ves’ Graeme Shackleford, ahead of her trip to South Africa in May 2010.  On three dates between 15-22 May, Diana will will share why 2012 is so important and the awesome spiritual opportunities due to occur during that year.  For more information on the seminars, click HERE.

Exclusives: For our readers not too familiar with your work, could you please tell us in 20 words who Diana Cooper is?

Diana Cooper: I am a mother and grandmother, lover of nature and a being of the universe.

EB: What was your first contact with the Angelic realms?

DC: Many years ago when in depth of despair I called out to the universe for help. A golden being of light, which I recognized as an angel, appeared to me and showed me my future. That experience changed my life and put me on my spiritual path. It was the first of many contacts I have had with angels, archangels, Masters and elementals.

EB: Can you summarize the basic message of the Angels for us today?

DC: We are all one and there is only love. The angels are with us all the time. They love us unconditionally and are always ready to help us as long as we ask for it and it is for our highest good.

EB: Many of your writings and courses deal with the subject of Ascension. Could you please tell us a little about Ascension?

DC: Ascension is about connecting with your original divine spark, known as your monad or I AM presence and bringing the light into your life. It entails being true to yourself, acting with integrity and trusting the flow. Then you radiate and glow at a higher frequency and your life is joyous. The journey to Ascension is the opening of your twelve spiritual chakras and I describe them in Ascension Through Orbs. Also in that book I offer pictures of the Orbs of the Archangels in charge of each chakra and this helps you to awaken them and light them up.
This is the first time since the fall of Atlantis that humans have been able to open all their twelve chakras. Doing so will bring back all the great psychic and spiritual gifts you had in the golden era of Atlantis and I discuss the gifts and talents that were considered quite commonplace in Discover Atlantis.

EB: You also deal thoroughly with Atlantis and its people who you believe maintained spiritual oneness with God. How did you receive your information about Atlantis, and do you feel that the human race will ever be able to achieve what the Atlanteans had for so many years?

DC: Discover Atlantis is one of my favourite books. With all the books I write I receive information telepathically from my guide Kumeka or the angels. The purpose of the twenty year transition between 2012 and 2032 is to prepare the planet to move into the fifth dimension. After 2032 the new Golden Age starts and we will be able to achieve all that the Atlanteans of the golden era had but at a level higher. There are extraordinary times awaiting us!

EB: Your most recent book, 2012 and Beyond says that 2012 will be one of the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth we’ve ever had, which is a different view to so many of the 2012 doom-and-gloom books out there at the moment. Why will 2012 be so spiritually important? Can you please give us a few ideas of how we may prepare for it?

DC: 2012 is a time of spiritual opportunity because many high frequency energies will be available to us then. For example six cosmic pyramids were built after the fall of Atlantis in Egypt, Peru, Tibet, Mespotamia, Greece and the Mayan temple in Guatemala. These are programmed to awaken in 2012 so that fifth dimensional people can access the wisdom contained within them. They will also light up the kundalini of the planet so that the twelve spiritual chakras of the world light up at a fifth dimensional level. Then we will be able to bring Source energy into the planet.
South Africa is the solar plexus chakra of the planet and has been holding the fear of the world. It is transmuting fear for everyone and this will be complete by 2032. Then South Africa will bring forward ancient wisdom for the world.
Thirty three cosmic portals are opening including one in Egypt and one in Mali. These will have a profound affect on the planet. In addition many huge portals such as Table Mountain and the Great Zimbabwe will start to awaken with important consequences for the consciousness of Africa.
The second of twelve crystal skulls which originated in Atlantis will be released to its custodians. This Incan skull was programmed by the High Priest Thoth and will affect those who can access its wisdom. I will discuss these and other energies available to us in 2012 in my seminars in South Africa.
We can prepare for the higher energies by watching our thoughts and actions choosing those that raise our frequency. Consciously bathing in the moonlight opens us up to the wisdom of the divine feminine. Spending time in nature is very important, especially if we have our bare feet on the earth. This helps us to open our Earth Star chakra and connect to Hollow Earth which contains the divine blueprint for our planet. Ask the unicorns to open and align your twelve spiritual chakras while you sleep and ask the angels to sing over you to bring them into perfect attunement. The unicorns are returning to help us raise our frequency and are looking for people whose light is bright with the desire to help others. Do read The Wonder of Unicorns for Mother Mary asked me to write it and the unicorns really can transform your life.

EB: You make many references to Kumeka, your guide. Who is Kumeka, and how did you first make contact with this entity?

DC: Kumeka is my twin flame and comes from a different universe from this one, as do I. He was one of those who helped with the setting up of the Golden Age of Atlantis. Currently he is Master of the 8th Ray and is helping to bring enlightenment to our planet. I met him about fifteen years ago after the angels had returned for a second time and asked me to tell people about them. Then Kumeka entered one evening and told me we were to work together. He wanted me to bring forward New Light on Ascension and after that we worked on many books together. He is an amazing and wonderful being and there is a picture of his Orb in Enlightenment Through Orbs, through which you can access his energy. He has never incarnated and is a hard taskmaster for he does not understand the limitations of being in a physical body.

EB: Do you have any advice for people who would like to start working with Angelic energy?

DC: Know that the angels are with you. Each day light a candle and talk to them. Listen to them and watch out for their signs, such as a little white feather or an angel song. The more you trust them, the less proof you need and the more you feel their presence.

EB: You’ve travelled to South Africa before. Have you had any Angelic encounters here, or perhaps have had any messages from the Angels for South Africa?

DC: Yes I have travelled to South Africa several times and love it. It is a beautiful and special country. The angels are with me all the time and I feel their presence and support very strongly while I am in South Africa. They tell me that your country is very important for the raising of light for the whole planet. Soon after 2032 your country will be a place of wisdom, integrity and abundance and will be communicating this to the whole world. It is time to recognize and honour yourselves, knowing that there is no separation for we are all one.

EB: What is your basic writing process?

DC: I am sorry to say I don’t have a writing process. Whenever I have time I write. It is as simple as that. After my family writing is my top priority so, as long as I have a computer and am at home, I write. My guides usually tell me I work too hard.

EB: So many of your readers are familiar with Diana Cooper, “the Angel Lady”. What do you do when you’re not writing or teaching?

DC: I have a lovely house and garden, which is a community and other spiritually minded people live here. I see my children and grandchildren when I can. Also I love walking and belong to a rambling club.

Thank you very much, Diana.  We wish you a happy stay in South Africa in May this year!

Diana’s most recent book is ‘2012 and Beyond’, published by Findhorn Press.

To find out more about Diana Cooper’s Seminars in South Africa in May 2010, click HERE.

For a list of Diana Cooper titles, click HERE.

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