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Author Profile: Andy Mason


Andy Mason Image Courtesy of Jacana MediaAndy Mason is head of CCIBA’s Comic Art Unit. He also works as a freelance writer, cartoonist and editor. Published under the pen names N.D. Mazin and Pooh, his underground comix, some of which go all the way back to the 1970s, include Cogent & Crint, Vittoke in Azania, The Big Chillum, The Vittokes, The Legend of Blue Mamba, New Planet TV and The Artist’s Life. His self-published ‘zines, in which these comics have appeared, include PAX (Pre-Azanian Comix), Mamba Comix and The Artist’s Life.

Until 2007, he worked as creative director at Artworks Communications in Durban (which he co-founded in 1989), but following a midlife artistic crisis he retired from business to become a penniless author.

His first book, Don’t Joke! The Year in Cartoons, co-edited with John Curtis, was published by Jacana Media in December 2009, in collaboration with CCIBA and of the which the 2010 anthology Just for Kicks! ! is now available in book stores.  [1]



1. Andy Mason, CCIBA. Accessed 22 March 2013

Image Courtesy of Jacana Media


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