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Banged Up Abroad

With all of the recent hype in the media regarding South Africans who have been caught smuggling drugs, here is a book that will give you an idea as to what one can expect to face if caught and thrown into one of the worst prison systems in the world.

Times LIVE reports:

Yesterday, the DA’s deputy spokesman on international relations, Stevens Mokgalapa, called on President Jacob Zuma to make a “last-ditch” attempt to stave off the execution.

“Our government cannot stand idly by while one of our citizens is executed on foreign shores.

“It is clear that whatever our diplomats have done has not been enough to save Linden’s life.

“Drug mules should be punished for what they do. But this is clearly a case of punishment not fitting the crime.

Mail Online reports:

South African Nobanda Nolubabalo, 23, was arrested and held in Thailand’s capital yesterday after customs officers allegedly noticed a suspicious white substance in her hair.

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