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Book Launch: Drug Muled The Vanessa Goosen Story

Exclusive Books recently celebrated the launch of Drug Muled by Joanne Joseph at our Hyde Park store. The event was attended by both the author (Joanne Joseph) and the subject of her book, former Miss SA Finalist Vanessa Goosen.

Vanessa Goosen was young and excited at starting a successful new career when she was accidentally and unknowingly caught up in the world of drug trafficking. Pregnant, alone and stranded in Thailand (a country known for it’s strict and often extreme non-tolerance policies) she faced the ultimate penalty for a crime she did not know she had committed – death.

Eventually her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment and then after many royal pardons she was released after 16 and a half years. Vanessa is one of many women who have been trapped in the notorious Lard Yao prison after being found in possession of drugs she wasn’t even aware she was carrying.

Her story is one of loss, depression, suffering and the long hard struggle to reclaim herself and fight to keep strong under the terrible circumstances she had to suffer for so many years.

It’s 1994. South Africa is on the brink of freedom.

On the verge of a big break in modelling, Miss SA finalist, 21-year-old Vanessa Goosen is caught up in every traveller’s nightmare. Duped into carrying books with 1.7 kilograms of heroin hidden in them, Goosen is arrested and tried on drug trafficking charges. Deaf to her pleas of innocence, the Thai courts sentence Goosen to death. On appeal her sentence is commuted to life, to be served in Bangkok’s notorious Lard Yao prison.

Below are some images of the fantastic launch held at our Hyde Park store:

You can click on this link to hear an interview with Vanessa this morning on Jacaranda FM.

You can also see Vanessa tonight (Tuesday 07 May) at our Brooklyn branch for another launch of Drug Muled.

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4 Responses to Book Launch: Drug Muled The Vanessa Goosen Story

  1. Gwen Van Blerk August 5th, 2013 at 8:02 am #

    Good Morning Vanessa. I recently bought your book from Leisure Books and could not put it down. Thank you for sharing your story with us and thank you to Joanne for writing it. Its mind blowing. If one did not know better you would think it was a story made for TV. There is definitely a reason why you survived with your belief and faith, hopefully other people will take heed. Thank you once again. Gwen Van Blerk

  2. Estellle king August 13th, 2018 at 8:21 pm #

    I have put my name down with exclusive books Bedford Centre. Cant wait to get this book.

  3. L Freysen September 10th, 2018 at 7:07 am #

    i want to buy Vanessa book the Afrikaans one.Can some one help me to get the book.
    will you please tell me where can i get the Afrikaans one

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