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Booked Off. Real life has been shelved, so let’s read.

‘Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.’  – Dorothy Day
As lovers of books, we know where that food can be found.

Click, call or come in 
We encourage you to visit us online –, (free delivery for orders over R450), or phone your favourite local Exclusive Books store – we will deliver for free within a 20 km radius of the store for orders over R450. All store phone numbers are listed on our website. Pop into our stores and have your own trolley dash – we will be trading with all due care of heightened hygiene and diligence. Our booksellers would love to see or hear from you.

Whilst we have had no choice but to postpone all Exclusive Books book launches and events until further notice, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see your favourite authors discussing their books online. We can only put forward our most important book blurb ever:

Keep reading.  
Read the back of the cereal box, if you must. 
Read more. 
Comfort read. 
Reread the classics.
Make your way through the tottering pile next to your bed that never seems to diminish.
Binge read. 
Introduce someone close to you to the book that changed your life. Or made you laugh. Or cry. Or helped you grow up…
Read fast or read slow.
Escape for a while. 

Please share your book-inspired stories, snippets, pictures of the next 30 days and beyond – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.’ Victor Hugo

Stay well,
Exclusive Books

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