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Bookmarked Entertainment Week 2

Just in case you need a break between reading books, we’ve put together something to keep you entertained.

We have a thriller of a crossword for you to solve this week! Solve all of the clues and complete the crossword and you could win a R500 voucher. We don’t mind how you do it (e.g. printing it out or saving the image to your PC and using Paint to fill in the words) just have fun and send us a picture of your completed crossword via email to to enter. Entries close 17 April and the winner will be notified on 20 April.

2. Thomas Harris’ infamous cannibal
4. First name of Rizzoli & Isles author
7. NR Brodie’s new release _____ Bodies
12. Speedy advice from Harlan Coben in 2019
13. James Patterson character portrayed by Morgan Freeman
14. Lee Child’s first Reacher novel
15. Assassin written by Gregg Hurwitz

1. Chief Medical Examiner written by Patricia Cornwell
3. Kathy Reichs’ character Temperance Brennan’s nickname
5. Surname of Before I Go to Sleep author
6. Novel about a missing wife by Gillian Flynn
8. Setting of Lauren Beukes’ The Shining Girls
9. ____ Sunday by Irma Venter
10. Black _____ Society by Angela Makholwa
11. Deon Meyer novel adapted for 2019 TV series

Right about now most of us are starting to miss our regular pub quiz and other fun activities…thankfully well known and popular comedian Jimmy Carr has created The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown, which is a daily question and answer quiz for you to enjoy from home while keeping your neurons firing! You can start with day one of the quiz here.

You might also enjoy doing a virtual museum tour where you can visit some of the most beautiful and famous museums and art galleries in the world.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”.
– Mason Cooley

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