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Exclusive Books grants grandmother’s birthday wish, locks her up, in style, in a bookshop for the night

EB Birthday Sleepover044Happy New Year from Exclusive Books!

We’ve rung in 2018 on a particularly joyful note by fulfilling the life-long dream of Mrs Carina Greyling of Kempton Park, Johannesburg, who had, according to her four children, listed being “locked inside an Exclusive Books for the night” as her top birthday wish.

Greying turned 60 on Sunday 7 January and saw her wish granted at our Hyde Park store, where she was surprised with a pop-up bedroom, snacks and drinks, and the freedom to roam the store all night, browsing and reading to her heart’s content.


“How could we resist obliging Mrs Greyling’s birthday wish, especially given that she and I share the same birth date?” said our CEO, Benjamin Trisk. “We supplied all the creature comforts necessary for spending a night in a bookshop, and trust that her stay was everything she hoped for.”

Trisk received the request from Mrs Greyling’s daughter, Leeanne Jonsson, via email in early December 2017. The email asked for the booksellers’ help in “planning an epic birthday surprise”.

“My mom is turning 60 on the 7th Jan 2018. When we asked her what she wants for her EPIC birthday – she said that she just wants to be locked in an Exclusive Books for the evening, with a flask of coffee, a blanket and unlimited access to read as many books as possible,” Jonsson wrote. “Probably the weirdest birthday wish ever – but that’s what makes her unique!”

“Exclusive Books is known for pulling stunts like this on occasion for special customers,” said Trisk. “We’ve assisted with a number of in-store marriage proposals, for instance, and feel that accommodating Mrs Greyling – literally – was very much was in keeping with the overall spirit of our brand”.

EB Birthday  Sleepover031

Mrs Greyling was escorted to the Exclusive Books store by her children at 9pm, unaware of the surprise that lay in wait. She was delighted by the final twist that her birthday celebration had taken.

“I’ve always said that when it’s my time to go I hope heaven has a book shop – and I think it might look a bit like this,” said Mrs Greyling.

Her bed and pillows were supplied by Exclusive Books’ fellow Hyde Park tenant, Vencasa, which also included a R2000 voucher toward a sleep consultation and a special Tempur therapeutic pillow. The birthday grandmother also received a R1000 Exclusive Books voucher to spend on her favourite reads.

The next morning, Mrs Greyling text us: “I absolutely loved it – it was the shortest night of my life!”


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2 Responses to Exclusive Books grants grandmother’s birthday wish, locks her up, in style, in a bookshop for the night

  1. Ian Oates January 8th, 2018 at 5:46 pm #

    Wow! That is absolutely amazing!
    As a personal friend to the Greyling family, I was excited that Exclusive Books were able to grant the 60th birthday wish for Carina.
    Jolly well done Exclusive Books, Mazeltov!
    PS. Happy birthday Mr Trisk.
    God bless all involved in honoring the request.

  2. Marjorie Brown January 10th, 2018 at 7:12 pm #

    What a great idea! EB you may just be inundated with requests if this nature. Leave the bed where it is!

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