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Exclusive Books Television Commercials


“Does anyone remember the famous Exclusive Books spaghetti ad? And what ever happened that Exclusive Books ad, you know, the one with the interview? I do wish they would bring back the jingle.”

Looking back over fifty years ago to 1951 when the very first Exclusive Books was founded as a tiny second-hand bookstore in Johannesburg, you wonder if Philip and Pamela Joseph could ever have imagined that their brand of bookstores would become big enough to make in onto national television.

And like all the big brands out there, it did.

The list of videos below contain a selection of Exclusive Books commercials that were seen on South African screens nationwide.

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1. The Spaghetti Ad

2. Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s Kitchen

3. Business Leader

4. Wake-up Call

5. The Interview

6. Spud for Homebru

7. Charades

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