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Five New Promotions at Festive Catalogue, Win Your Wishlist, Stocking Stuffers, Top Reference Picks and the Costa Book Award Shortlist!

The Christmas decorations are going up – though thankfully the carols haven’t started echoing through the malls – and the seasonal shopping madness has begun! There are close and distant family members who require gifts, and while buying for our nearest and dearest is easy, those we don’t know as well that can be a proper pain to buy for. (Who doesn’t have several random cousins to wrap gifts for?)

No doubt, Christmas is stressful. What to make for Christmas lunch? Who to invite? What decorations to put up? Who’s going to host? On and on the list goes. Let us at make your life easier: we’ve worked on several promotions that will take some of the hard work out of the season for you (and we’ll have more coming up closer to crunch time).

Here are five great promotions to consider when seeking gifts this month and next:

Festive Catalogue

Our Festive Season selection features the books, childrens books, eBooks, music, DVDs and games that we truly believe in – and that will definitely cause gasps of surprise and joy when unwrapped.

Use the coupon code “GOOD” and you’ll get R30 off any purchase from this splendid selection:

Win Your Wishlist

The Wish List is constructed by our Exclusive Books store managers, who are wooed by publishers, plying them with their best wares, plucking their heartstrings with the magnificent photography and beautiful stories. From the hundreds of titles presented to us, we’ve selected the 58 that demanded our attention most. A wide selection, this will hopefully cover everything from your family foodie to the romantic at heart. My favourite cook book has to be the local title Savour. I have never seen such elegant presentation of incredible food before.

~ ~ ~
Stocking Stuffers

Because the recession has been hard on all of us, we know that bargains will be even more welcome than usual. We have selected over 100 products, all for under R100. Super cheap kids books, CDs, games and more are waiting for you. I personally have my eye on Borderlands for only R84.

~ ~ ~
Top Reference Picks

Our Reference Picks are for those friends and family members who usually bring political ideas or historical facts to the dinner table. For the family academic or ravenous knowledge hound, we’ve compiled a selection of dictionaries, popular science, history and political science titles that will definitely make any home library proud.

~ ~ ~
The Costa Awards Shortlist

With the Man Booker Prize behind us, its time for the Costa Awards. This is the only literature prize in the UK that has books for adults and children in one competition – and it features four books in each category. We’ve lined up the shortlist, capturing this slice of some of the best books to be published in the last year.

With free shipping on purchases over R350, although we definitely can’t help with the turkey (Nigella might be able to!), we can help you put a smile on each face around the festive table. Enjoy!

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