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Important Note: Social Media + Online Order Scams

Oh no! We are being impersonated!

Several fake social media accounts have popped up recently pretending to be Exclusive Books. These accounts follow our followers and send messages telling them they have won a competition, and to click on a link to claim their prize. 

We want to make sure that you know that these imposter accounts are not us. They usually take the form of a slightly misspelled version of our name.

We would never send you a message asking you to click on a link to claim a prize. If you ever win one of our social media giveaways, we will reply to your comment where you entered and ask you to send us a message with your delivery details so that we can send your prize to you.

These are our social media accounts:

Similarly, we have been made aware of a rise in fraudulent SMSes purporting to be from the Post Office or courier/logistics services containing a message about a parcel that can only be released once a clearance fee has been paid and include a link. 

The SMSes do not mention Exclusive Books or contain a real order number as they are randomly sent to members of the public, and not only to our customers.

We would never send you a message asking you to click on a link in order to pay a delivery fee. All payments for online orders and the associated delivery fees are processed securely through PayU on our website

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