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In Memoriam: Ray Johnson

Dear Ray,

It was a great shock to wake up this morning to the news of your passing. It is hard to imagine the Fanatics programme without you. You were always there, behind the scenes, helping us build a programme for the true Fanatic.

Thank you, Ray for your invaluable advice over the years. Your considerable experience was always at our disposal, no matter what time of the day or night. (We remember fondly the morning that Rene, then our Marketing Manager, phoned you as you stepped out of the shower and you were available to help without missing a beat!)

You were always the champion for the customer, when the marketers saw potential sales you saw people. When we proposed change, you were first to gauge the impact on the Fanatic.

We will miss the (often lengthy) chats, sometimes pertaining to work, other times about this and that. We will miss your insight and your humour, our differences in opinion and our misunderstandings, our complaining sessions that sometimes started with work and ended up being about the weather. Most of all, Ray, we will miss you.

Rest in peace, old friend. May our paths cross again in the hereafter.


Lood du Plessis and the Exclusive Books team

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