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Introducing Fanatics eRewards

Here’s some important news about your Fanatics Rewards coupons.  We are now loading all electronic rewards onto your Fanatics card!  All you need to do is present your card with your next purchase and the bookseller will tell you if you have active coupons to spend!  We call this new service Fanatics electronic Rewards, or eRewards for short.


No more scrabbling around trying to find your paper coupons! No more printing out your rewards or waiting for paper coupons to arrive in the mail.  Not only will your Rewards coupons be loaded onto your card, but we’ll also add any special offers that you are entitled to.  You can opt to receive an email or SMS (whichever you prefer) advising you of new coupons added to your card by emailing with your request.


How do I redeem my eRewards at an Exclusive Books store?
Simply present your Fanatics card at the beginning of the transaction and the bookseller will advise you of the coupons and special member offers you have available and when they expire.


Can I redeem my coupons without my card?
Unfortunately not, to prevent fraud you need to present your card when redeeming your coupons. You can however still ask the bookseller to look up your number so that you can earn points on your purchase.


Can I still use my Fanatics paper coupons?
There’s really no need!  All your active coupons have already been added to your card, and are ready for use!


How can I check what offers are available to me today?
Log into your Fanatics Profile and to see your current points total and the coupons and offers available for you to spend right away. You can also use MyExclusives to update your mailing preferences and details.

If you haven’t yet set up your online Fanatics profile click here or call Exclus1ves on 011 798 0111 (during office hours) for advice on how to do this.


What if I want to spend my coupons online at Exclus1ves?
Once you have set up your profile online your available Fanatics vouchers will appear when you proceed to the checkout and you can choose whether or not to use them towards your purchase.


If you have any questions or concerns about the introduction of our electronic rewards service, or about your membership, please call our Fanatics contact centre toll free on 0800 332 550 or email




Lood du Plessis


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