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Join the Readvolution!

To all the ones fighting for freedom.

The ones fighting for political freedom,
Those for economic freedom,
The folk for social freedom and press freedom,
And all the others just for freedom freedom.
To the ones fighting on the fronts and the ones in their front rooms.
To the Come-Back Kings and the Underlings.
From the Agitators to the Bloody Agents,
From the impartial to those for whom the party is all.
The partisans and the peacemakers.
The naysayers and the noisemakers.
To all, yes ALL, the freedom fighters,
No matter your agenda
Regardless of alliance
There’s one freedom that knows no allegiance
So to all, there’s only one message we’re sending.
One public announcement we’re making.
One manifesto we’re writing.
And no matter how you see it,
Our job is done if you can read it.

Because liberty begins with literacy:
Join the Readvolution.

In this time of election promises, of blatant pandering and naked ambition, there is one voice of sanity, one place where you can find freedom in your lunchtime. Pick up any book from any of our stores (including online at, attach your till slip to the in-store entry form or email with your order number and ‘Readvolution’ in the subject line .We’ll enter you into a draw to win R25,000 worth of books. Now that is power (to your bookshelf). Terms and conditions apply.

Avoid the maddening crowd, the empty tweets and the hot air. Join the Readvolution this April and May: because liberty begins with literacy.


Improve your chances of winning! Buy lots of books online (without even having to go outside).

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One Response to Join the Readvolution!

  1. Monique Broekaert May 7th, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    As a librarian I support this. Please let me win so I can continue the cause and stock my library.

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