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Lazygamer: First Media Outlet In Africa To Be Affiliated With

Yesterday our good friends at announced that they are now officially the first ever media outlet in Africa to be affiliated with! And we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Lazygamer was started in 2007 by Gavin Mannion as a way to keep himself busy between work and study, but what started as a small hobby quickly grew into something much greater. - The early days

This news is means a lot to the hard working staff at Lazygamer, as well as to the gamers who they so devotedly serve. For the first time ever, the South African gaming community will have a voice in an international forum. And perhaps now the rest of the world will finally start taking us seriously, which could have many benefits for all aspects of South African gaming. Perhaps one day we will finally have the same release dates as the rest of the world? Or, even better, perhaps South African game studios will start to have some serious progress in having their games internationally recognised.

What this news means for Lazygamer and the South African community right now has been aptly described by Gavin Mannion himself:

Metacritic is so prevalent in the industry that its aggregated review scores are included in developer contracts. The higher the score the more bonus they get paid. Which means we now indirectly affect what developers do and as such we are now exceptionally important to them and that means South Africa as a region now has a much louder voice.

Whatever the eventual outcome, the future of South African gaming is definitely brighter thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team at Lazygamer. The gaming community salutes you all!

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