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Press Release for Anthony Horowitz’s new book Oblivion plus Video!

From Pan MacMillan:

OBLIVION is the chilling conclusion to the epic supernatural series, THE POWER OF FIVE, by Anthony Horowitz. It is, without question, Horowitz’s most ambitious book to date. OBLIVION reflects many of the author’s own deepest fears and concerns but – no surprise here – it is primarily a gripping read-it-all-night apocalyptic page-turner.

The earth has almost been destroyed by the forces of darkness. Those who have survived are barely human, drifting in a world ruled by famine, terrorism and war. Any last hope now rests with five extraordinary teenagers: the Gatekeepers. The five must find each other and make a final stand against Chaos, King of the Old Ones… but Chaos is everywhere. He calls to them from Antarctica, where he is gathering his forces, preparing for a last battle in the frozen wasteland of Oblivion. And one of the Five has turned traitor. The others know that, without him, they cannot win. Chaos beckons. Oblivion waits.

OBLIVION is not only the must-read finale to the POWER OF FIVE sequence, but an epic book in its own right. The POWER OF FIVE books are darker and edgier than Horowitz’s ALEX RIDER novels; they more closely reflect Horowitz’s political and philosophical views and offer intriguing reading for his millions of fans of all ages. OBLIVION depicts a brutalized world, which can only be redeemed by the young.

You could say that Anthony Horowitz has written the last word in dystopian fiction. It’s a big book in every sense. Ever the impeccable researcher, Anthony visited each and every location featured in the novel: from Cairo to Hong Kong; from Dubai to Naples. Arguably his most exciting research trip ever took him to the wilds of Antarctica, setting for the stunning final battle. To see some of Anthony’s trip to Antarctica, plus other online exclusives, head to


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