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Response to Claims on Social Media About Banning Authors and Books



For immediate release

Over the weekend, claims were made on social media that Exclusive Books has placed a ban on an author, Thando Mgqolozana, by refusing to stock or sell his books.

We categorically state that this is false. As a bookseller, we don’t ban any authors or books, and it is not the intention of this business ever to act as censor. We sell many books with which the shareholders and staff may not agree, but our personal feelings always have to be set aside.

If a particular title is not available in one of our branches, in most cases one of our staff members will be able to obtain it within a matter of days; or it can be ordered via our website at This is, of course, dependent on the availability of stock from book publishers, over which we have limited control, and the catalogue feeds with which they provide us (and which are sometimes missing or incomplete, especially in the case of smaller publishers).

To reiterate, authors with whom we disagree in terms of their context; authors who criticise us at every opportunity they might get; authors who are avowedly opposed to Exclusive Books’ position as the pre-eminent bookseller in South Africa; every one of these writers is acknowledged by us and their works are sold in our stores.

Benjamin Trisk
CEO, Exclusive Books


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