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R.I.P Anne McCaffrey

On 21 November 2011, Anne Inez McCaffrey passed away at her home in Ireland.

The world of Fantasy will never be the same. Anne McCaffrey brought us the worlds of Pern, and the dragons that lived therein and an entire generation of readers will mourn her passing. had this to say:

Anne McCaffrey wasn’t just the inventor of Pern, the world where a whole society is based on dragon-riding. She was also an incredibly influential author who helped transform the way science fiction and fantasy authors wrote about women, and the way all of us thought about bodies and selfhood. She was the first woman to win a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award, as well as a Grand Master of science fiction.

Anne McCaffrey wrote over 30 novels during her writing career, the most notable of which is the Pern series. Her series (both written alone and co-written) are:

* The Dragonriders of Pern Series
* The Brain and Brawn Ship Series
* The Crystal Universe
* Ireta (comprising of the Dinosaur Planets and Planet Pirates novels)
* The Talents Universe
* The Barque Cat Series
* Doona
* Petaybee Universe
* The Freedom Series
* Acorna Universe

She has also published two short story collections, several romances and young adult fantasies. Her nonfiction includes two cookery books and a book about dragons.

She is survived by her her children Todd, Gigi and Ceara. Her legacy will live on in that her Pern series is continued by her son Todd McCaffrey, a brilliant writer in his own regard.

Wherever you are Anne McCaffrey, I hope you are with the dragons that you love. Rest in Peace.

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One Response to R.I.P Anne McCaffrey

  1. Charmaine Reece-Edwards November 23rd, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    One of your biggest fans in South Africa. I will miss your writing as much as your children will miss you. Ride the dragons Anne and Rest in Peace.

    Charmaine Reece-Edwards

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