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Sticker Hunt: Find the Red Smiley and Win a 40% Discount Sticker!

With Exclus1ves Stickers, part of the magic is sharing items from our vast catalogue of books, ebooks, music, DVDs and games – and now we want to reward you even more for sharing your finds, with our second Sticker Hunt!

We’ve hidden a special Red Smiley on several books  and for two weeks we’ll be posting clues on how to locate them, one at a time.

If you find the product with the red smiley, tweet it with the Twitter Sticker with the hashtag #RedSmiley. The first person to find and tweet the product will win a 40% off Sticker!

The Sticker Hunt is a tie-in to our new “Collect More. Pay Less.” campaign, which points out that, no matter what you’re into – try How to Poo on Holiday, or Zombie Cupcakes on for size – you can get it on sale with Exclus1ves Stickers. Watch our short demo video to find out how.

Screw your thinking caps on, #Stickers heroes – the Smiley Hunt will be totally worth it for the spoils :)

Our standard terms and conditions apply.

See you online for the Hunt!

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