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The Red Trolley Dash 2: What Happened?

Dear fans and heroes of the Red Trolley Dash:

We would like to apologise for the problems we encountered with the Red Trolley Dash that was supposed to run on our blog. Sadly, the sheer amount of people trying to comment on the blog at the same time overwhelmed our servers and crashed the blog. We had not anticipated the volume of entries, and unfortunately it caught us (and the blog) off guard. This is why we chose to run the competition on Twitter a second time around.

Unfortunately Facebook can close down our long-running Facebook page if we run competitions on it, so we can’t do it there, and our blog was our other alternative. Doing it by email often crashes our email systems as well, so we’re looking at platforms that can sustain the high traffic load. Twitter allows us to run competitions with high volume, and it proved hugely successful with the 23rd of January competition. We did try run it on our blog so that our Facebook fans could join in, but it was not to be.

Again, our sincerest apologies. We know that this is a really great prize and everyone has the right to enter the competition based on the structures and rules we offer. We’re sorry to have disappointed, and we’ll find a way to sort it out before the next trolley dash (and yes, we promise we’ll have more of them).

With warmest regards,

The Exclus1ves Team

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