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The Winners of the SFX Awards 2012

Most people wouldn’t consider themselves science-fiction or fantasy fans, but the winners of the SFX Awards would suggest otherwise. While these shows and writers aren’t all as mainstream as the Oscar nominees, there are still some very big names in sci-fi/fantasy that are winning over new fans who might not considered mutants or time travellers as possible new favourites.

The complete list of award winners can be found here at SFX Magazine, but the main winners are listed below.

Best Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

Best Director: Matthew Vaughn

Best Novel: A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martins

Best TV Show: Doctor Who

Outstanding Literary Contribution: Brian Aldiss

Screenwriting Excellence: Neil Gaiman, Doctor Who

And of course, don’t forget the runners-up!


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