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Top 10 Grown Up Fairy Tales For New (and Old) Readers

As children most of us were captivated by the dark beauty and escapism of various fairy tales. Some of us had Hans Christian Anderson, others had The Brothers Grimm. But whichever author you chose to read, most of you will have been influenced heavily by those fairy tales you grew up with. Now that we are grown up, it is generally accepted that we will have set aside childish things and moved on to more adult reading. But what if there was a fairy tale out there tailored specifically to adults? Would you want to relive the wonder and glory of an imagination fed to bursting with the succulent soul-food of a well written fairy tale? Well luckily for you there are such books available!

Here is my list of Top 10 Grown Up Fairy Tales for New (and Old) Readers:

10. Garden of the Perverse

9. Cinder

8. Beauty

7. Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

6. In the Night Garden

5. The Stolen Child

4. Entwined

3. Stardust

2. Tender Morsels

1. Once

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