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Up, written and directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, is a fun animated comedy about a retired balloon salesman that gets to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

As the movie starts, we meet a young Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), who would one day like to be an explorer, with the dream to one day explore Paradise Falls like his hero, Charles F Muntz (Christopher Plummer). By using a video montage we see Carl meet his wife (Ellie), starting a balloon business and eventually retiring. After his wife passes away, Carl turns into a sour recluse, while the city continues to flourish around him. After an altercation with a construction worker, the court orders Carl to move into a retirement village. It seems to be the end of Carl’s dreams.

Carl however, has other ideas. By tying thousands of balloons to his house, he lifts the house off the ground and embarks at long last on his adventure. He is joined by an overly energetic Russell (Jordan Nagai), who stowed away on his porch prior to the lift off. Russell belongs to the Wilderness Explorer club, and he was trying to earn his badge for “Assisting the Elderly”. Landing close to Paradise Falls, they are joined by a rare exotic bird, which Russell named Kevin, and a dog named Dug (Bob Petersen) who has a collar that allows his thoughts to be translated into English. Just when they thought they were safe, poachers turn up to try and capture Kevin. With Danger around every corner, it is up to the unlikely trio of Carl, Russell and Dug to try and keep Kevin safe.

Up is definitely a fun adventure, worthy of the numerous awards and nominations that it received. After the success Disney•Pixar had with WALL-E, the bar was set pretty high for the next animation from this studio. But never the studio to disappoint, they raised the bar once again, giving us the spectacular story that is Up.

Up is sure to delight young and old with beautiful graphics, a superb soundtrack and a gripping story.

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