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Winter Sale 2013: Win a Box of Sale Books!

So Winter isn’t the best time of the year. Besides the cold (which is so lazy it just goes right through you), there are the dark, foreboding mornings, the frost that takes forever to melt, the irritation of the freezing outdoors contrasted with stuffy, overheated offices. Not a great time, really.

Except, more than anything else, there is the promise of reading books while ensconced in bed or in front of the fire, attended by finest gluhwein and hot chocolate. There are no fine days that should really be spent outside, no braais that need attending. (Not that we’re all particularly outdoorsy people at the best of times.) Perhaps winter is the season of the bookworm, for passion-killer tracksuit pants and mittens so hideous and yet so very warm. And to further enable our adored readers, we begin the Winter Sale right after payday, in that most cold and dreary time in the year to bring joy and envy to all. The paperback you meant to buy but couldn’t justify, the non-fiction title that you’ve had your eye on for months and the tottering piles of children’s books: we’ll have it all on the Winter Sale tables.

But there’s still more! 

We’d love to see your Winter Sale haul! Send us a photo of your Winter Sale haul to our Twitter handle with the hashtag #WinterSale13, or post it on our Facebook page or email it to and we’ll pick 10 of the best to receive a box of sale books!  Terms and conditions apply. Please note that boxes will only be sent to stores in order to transport them safely :)



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  1. Jessica winer June 25th, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    I would love to win

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