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61 Hours by Lee Child

Mass market thrillers… I love ’em! And you can’t get any better than Jack Reacher saving the world… and in just about every single Lee Child novel Jack Reacher does exactly that – while drinking a lot of coffee…

If you haven’t read a Lee Child novel – where on Earth have you been? 61 Hours is Lee Child’s 14th Jack Reacher novel and brings pretty much what one would expect – a spot of danger, a couple of murders, a hero, a hopeless moment and an ending with a great big twist. What more can you ask for?

In 61 Hours Jack Reacher is stranded in a small, snowy and VERY cold rural town in South Dakota. He, of course, smells trouble and gets involved at the very first step. A little old lady witnessed a drug deal and is under protection from the local police station until the court case. Jack backs up the police and protects her while investigating some local murders that seem to be involved in the drug deal. But Jack can’t be there all the time… what happens when he isn’t around?

61 Hours is a fast paced, action packed page turner and is definitely worth a read for those who love a good thriller.

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