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Author Profile: Mario Cesare



Exclusive Books, Man-Eaters, Mambas and Marula Madness by Mario CesareMario Cesare’s career has taken him from Timbavati and Mala Mala to Olifants River and beyond – and he delights in sharing his good fortune. His latest task: to develop and nurture the Olifants River Game Reserve as the fences of the Greater Kruger National Park area fall, undoing generations of damage.

His memoir, Man-eaters, Mambas and Marula Madness: A Game Ranger’s Life in the Lowveld provides a wealth of lessons on conservation as well as stories of life in the bush as it is enjoyed only by those fortunate enough to live on a “Big Five” reserve. More recently Cesare has written The Man with the Black Dog, a touching and inspiring story of a man and his faithful canine companion.

With a naturalist’s eye for detail as well as the bigger picture of managing a fragile ecosystem through years of drought and plenty,  Cesare brings a storyteller’s delight – and a dash of Italian passion – to sharing his world.[1]




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