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Bookmarked Entertainment Week 6

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Just in case you need a break between reading books, we’ve put together something to keep you entertained.

We have some more amazing anagrams for you to unravel this week! Unscramble the words to find the correct book titles. Just have fun and send us an email of your completed list of book titles to to see if you got them right.

Try Trap Hero
Hometown Clam
I Had Lamented Hats
Cheating Aim
Or Frightened Sloth
Disjointed Grey Bar
Landowner Laid Nice
Foregone Asthma
Logger in
Gratify Shy Foes Fed
Equations for ads
Hydrations Blue Mob
Heretic Pill Tent
Limp Kilts
Fried Spy Rob

If you are in need of something fun and stimulating we suggest you try out an online puzzle. They are perfect to keep you busy and you never have to worry about losing any of the pieces!

Family ties are more important than ever right now, and while staying connected might not be easy writing to the ones you love is the perfect way to tell them how much you care. Imagine getting a box of letters and love notes once social distancing is eased. And now that stationery is once again available there are plenty of options for beautiful letter writing available! You can even take a free online calligraphy course to spice up your letter writing skills.

We also have more exciting author events to share with you!

Join Marian Keyes on 9 May and Bernardine Evaristo on 10 May.

You can also join local authors Lorraine Sithole and Takalani M on 9 May for a live Instagram chat.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

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