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Bookmarked Entertainment Week 8

Just in case you need a break between reading books, we’ve put together something to keep you entertained.

We have a childhood favourites crossword for you to solve this week! Solve all of the clues and complete the crossword. We don’t mind how you do it (e.g. printing it out or saving the image to your PC and using Paint to fill in the words) just have fun and send us a picture of your completed crossword via email to to see if you got them right.

3.  Perpetual period in Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
6.  Brothers Frank and Joe who solve mysteries
9.  ________ Granger needs to sort out her priorities in Harry Potter
12.  Peter Pan’s best friend
13.  Founder and president of The Baby-Sitters Club
14.  James and the Giant Peach author _____ Dahl

1.  Nancy Drew author Carolyn _____
2.  Stolen pastries in Alice in Wonderland
4.  _______ the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh
5.  Elizabeth and Jessica _________ in Sweet Valley High
7.  A provider living in Sherwood Forest
8.  The name of the cricket in The Cricket in Times Square
9.  What they have to dig in the 1998 Louis Sachar novel
10.  The Tale of ______ Puddle-Duck by Beatrix Potter
11.  The Magic _______ Tree by Enid Blyton

We have some more exciting author events to share with you:

Don’t forget to join us today at 2pm for the virtual launch of The Last Hunt by Deon Meyer as he is interviewed live on air by Pippa Hudson on CapeTalk. Join the webinar here or tune in to CapeTalk 567 on AM frequency. If you can’t join the webinar you can watch it live on our Facebook page!

Join Kate Nicholls, author of Under the Camelthorn Tree, for a live webinar on 27 May at 18:00 as Kate shares her insights on remaining productive and keeping a positive mindset while avoiding procrastination. You can get your tickets to this webinar here.

You can also join author Nechama Brodie in conversation with investigative journalist and best-selling author Mandy Wiener for the virtual launch of Three Bodies on 26 May at 12:00. Just click on the image below to register.


This week is all about fun and nostalgia!

  • Take yourself back to a time when the only game you could play on your cell phone was snake (kids these days just don’t understand) and try out the awesome online game Slither
  • Remember when space exploration was still new and exciting? Before local boy Elon Musk started shooting rockets into outer space every other day? Take yourself back to that time by checking out the live feed of earth from the ISS
  • Have hours of fun trying to guess locations around the world based on streetview images with the brilliant online game Geoguessr
  • Remember when TED Talks where on the tip of everyone’s tongue? This website has compiled the best and most interesting TED Talks ever held
  • If you are a fan of drawing and guessing games you will love Skribbl! Play online with random players around the world or set up a private room and play against your friends and family!
  • Wilbur Smith has launched a brand new podcast series which you can listen to here

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
―Stephen King

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