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Bookmarked Entertainment Week 9

Just in case you need a break between reading books, we’ve put together something to keep you entertained.

We have some more amazing anagrams for you to unravel this week! Unscramble the words to find the correct local biography book titles. Just have fun and send us an email of your completed list of book titles to to see if you got them right.

Plan Or Crooked
Robin Cream
Thy Machinelike Pennant
Float Mother Knowledge
Dry Pets
Reinforce Gut Gel
Beacon Miming
Amen Is Unveiled
Bones Or Handhold
Hydrodynamics Engross Eel
Oak Motel
Elegy Motel Pop
Tin Gala Bandstands
Cold Can Spaghetti
Noteworthy Casual Yarn

Here are some more fun and interesting things to keep you busy:

  • Take a fun and silly quiz on Buzzfeed
  • Learn the art of Origami for free
  • Learn some amazing magic tricks to impress your loved ones
  • Meditate to help yourself relax and unwind
  • Visit Mars
  • Speaking of Mars (and the people currently trying to get us there), make sure to tune in to youtube at around 9:20pm on Saturday 30 May to watch the first ever crewed SpaceX launch as 2 veteran astronauts leave earth aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft en route for the International Space Station in the first manned space flight since 2011.

“I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books.”
― Jorge Luis Borges

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