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Fill up your eReader this January

Judging by the sales of millions of iPads and eReaders such as the Gobi device over the Christmas season and the increase in eBook sales, we are watching the rise and rise of the eBook. It has its conveniences; no one really wants to have to heft around a book as weighty as the Steve Jobs autobiography when there’s a digital version. While price is an issue due to agency pricing, this doesn’t seem to have deterred the sales of eBooks. The Guardian has this¬†to say about agency pricing:

The other model is called the “agency” system. In this case, publishers set the price and the bookstore merely handles the sale to the ultimate customer, for a set fee or percentage of the transaction…Not just higher prices, but vastly higher; many ebook bestsellers on Amazon (and in Barnes & Noble’s Nook store) jumped 30% to 50%, from about $10 to $13 or $15 or even higher, as publishers imposed higher list prices for the digital versions.

Ouch. In better news though, we’ve rounded up some of the best titles of 2011, both locally and internationally, and slashed the prices to bring you the books you love at the prices you want. Visit our eBooks promotion here, and stock up on eBooks and¬†Fanatics points!

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