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Meet Exclus1ves Stickers: How it Works, FAQ and Ts & Cs

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In 2012 introduced an exciting new concept called Stickers to our website. This innovative platform would allow customers to interact with our website in many different ways, while also earning group and individual discounts on our wide range of products.

While Stickers has been a definite success, we have unfortunately decided that it is time to remove the program from our website and merge it with our Fanatics loyalty programme in order to focus our efforts and offer our loyalty members an even better offering throughout our website and stores.

Here’s what you need to know:

Will I still be able to use the discount stickers already in my palette?

Yes! All of the discount stickers earned before 29 June 2015 will still be valid until they reach their expiry date. Discount stickers are valid for a period of 2 years from the date they were originally created.

Will I still be able to earn sticker discounts by rating and sharing products?

From 29 June 2015 you will no longer be able to accrue discounts (group or individual) by rating and sharing products. You will also no longer be able to accumulate Smiley stickers.

How do I earn discounts now that Stickers is being removed?

Our Fanatics loyalty programme allows you to earn point on all of your online and in store purchases which are accrued towards a quarterly discount voucher. For every 400 points earned you will receive 5% back in a Fanatics reward coupon!

Our newly re-launched Fanatics programme has many exciting benefits for both old and new members alike. You can find out more about Fanatics and the exciting re-launch competition currently running by clicking on the following link:

If you have any queries regarding the removal of Stickers from the website please contact our call centre on or 011 798 0111.
For more information regarding our Fanatics reward programme please contact our Fanatics call centre on or 0800 332 550

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4 Responses to Meet Exclus1ves Stickers: How it Works, FAQ and Ts & Cs

  1. Philip Edge June 28th, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    Good plan!

  2. Hildi December 18th, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    are the amount of smileys earned independent from the amount of smileys spent?

    i.e if I have 280 smileys, would I have to not spend them and earn 20 more to get to 300 earned? or can I spend some and still end up with 300 earned, even though I have just spent some? does spending and earning work independently?


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