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#EBTeenReads: Welcome to 2014

Hello, readers, writers and fans of teen and young adult fiction!

We return in 2014, a year that includes the launch of The Book Thief, Vampire Academy, The Fault in our Stars, Divergent and The Maze, hot on the heels of Ender’s Game last year. With so many teen books being turned into movies and the splendid success of Catching Fire, the year promises to be a good one for this most ascendent of genres.

With that in mind, the discussion topic for our next gathering will be #EBTeenReads At The Movies, where we’ll discuss adaptations, why they do (and don’t) work, and why, arguably, the only dystopian YA to do outstanding ticket sales has been Hunger Games. 

Looking forward to seeing you all on Twitter under the noble hashtag #EBTeenReads on Wednesday 29th of February at 2pm.


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