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The Hall of Many Tweets

Dear readers,

I don’t think I’ve ever had to scramble so hard to keep up with a veritable snowstorm of tweets. We were very lucky to have nine amazing authors join in us for two whole hours, alongside a few guest authors who dropped in to share their thoughts and views on the past, present and future of South African speculative fiction. Many, many thanks to SA Partridge, Cat HellisenLouis GreenbergSarah LotzRachel ZadokKaren Jayes, Henrietta Rose-InnesCharlie Human, and Alex Latimer for their time and brilliance.

With 1,064 tweets – many of which were superbly irreverent – it was definitely a wonderful success, with insightful opinions and hard questions being asked about the state of speculative fiction both locally and globally.

So, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to scroll, follow links and add to your reading pile with our Topsy page about the Town Hall. (Storify sadly cannot handle this volume of tweets, but Topsy does collate them rather nicely.)

Go to the The Big, Bad, Speculative Fiction Town Hall Round-up

Thank you to everyone who joined us! If you’d like to support these ridiculously talented authors, you can see a selection of their work here (all discounted until the 30th of March!

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